NetComm, Inc.

  • BEACON - Visual Dashboard Analytics for EDie and SOFiE
  • SOFiE - Advanced financial reporting and analysis
  • EDie - Powerful tools for HR
  • NetComm Celebrates its 25th Anniversary


BEACON, NetComm's Integrated Launch Application to EDiE and SOFiE, provides users with a central dashboard containing parameterized cards, allowing users to analyze pending actions, budget and workforce analytics, or data anomalies.


Status of Funds - Internet Edition (SOFiE) provides advanced financial reporting and analysis functionality to government clients through a browser-based application and plug-in for Office integration.


Employee Database Internet Edition, or EDIE, enables government clients to use workforce information for the benefit of managers and employees. Integrates with SOFiE and your existing spreadsheets.

Custom Development

Anyone can build a website. NetComm specializes in building tools that allow organizations to manage data and workflow, address unique challenges, and solve particular problems.