06 Sep

Improving Business Process Management in the Eve of the Federal Fiscal Year Closing

As we head into the closing of the Federal fiscal year, we recognize that many government organizations are pressed to produce reports, projections, and other analytics. From HR to Finance departments, many federal officials need to provide end-of-year estimates, 2018 collateral and annual plans, review of critical resource allocation and more.

25 Aug

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jim Vowles

NetComm’s blog series, Employee Spotlight, is meant to allow readers to get to know the team working toward customer success. This week, we are introducing Jim Vowles, Software Engineer at NetComm.

Tell us about your role at NetComm?

03 Aug

Optimizing Government’s Digital Business with the Cloud

Federal government agencies are using technology to improve their citizen services and harness the potential of faster, fully digitalized business processes.

07 Jul

The Key Steps of Government Business Transformation

Although modernizing agency business processes and applications may seem a bit daunting, decision-makers and department leads can update and transform their operations by adopting the right business management tools. According to various reports, roughly 77 percent of agency IT budgets for FY 2017 are being spent on operations and maintenance, much of which is going to legacy IT applications.